What do we mean by Mission Critical?

We at CS Technology often describe our role as ‘Mission Critical’ Consultant, Engineer, Strategist or Technologist depending on our specific focus, but what exactly do we mean by Mission Critical? 

Whilst imagery of space-flight missions or military strategy may come to mind, we are instead speaking of IT infrastructure; the specialist hardware and components that are the foundation of an organisation’s technology footprint.  

You would be hard pressed in 2020 to find a company that does not rely on some form of critical IT infrastructure in the modern world’s ever-increasing model of online engagement. From hosting a website where information can be shared and sales made, to financial services trading and online banking, to the core tools such as email and shared file storage that allow us to collaborate and communicate with others, we have become unable to complete many of our professional roles and day-to-day activities without these services and the technology foundations on which they are dependent. 

Mission Critical infrastructure allows the technology a business relies on to keep functioning without giving much thought to the technology dependencies. At the very foundation of a technology platform is the data centre. Whether your applications are hosted on-premises or in the cloud there is a broad spectrum of specialist components, cabling, and equipment that enable the applications and services that you depend on to keep running. 

The key focus of the Mission Critical space is availability – the ability to keep services online even when there is a fault or failure in a component or site, even when it’s under high-performance pressure and even when components are being replaced, moved or upgraded. If the underlying IT infrastructure cannot maintain availability then applications that rely on it also become unavailable. 

With the importance of this IT infrastructure being central to businesses ability to function without disruption, using specialists who have experience working with and transforming data centre technology is effective in mitigating the risk of financial loss or reputation damage.  

Reach out to CS Technology to discuss strategies for increasing the resilience of your mission critical infrastructure and reduce unnecessary risk to your business. Or if you are not sure what risks you might have, we can help you assess your risks and develop a remediation plan. Finding out when your applications fail can be very expensive and a career defining moment.

About the Author

Zoe Crossland a Senior Consultant in the Australian practice of CS Technology where she specialises in application migration strategy including the disaster recovery requirements of applications and how these align into an organisation’s business continuity.

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn here on the 26th October 2020. 

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