Large Consumer Reporting Agency – Driving Innovation and Reducing Data Centre Cost

Triggered by high legacy data centre upgrade cost CS Technology audited and proposed a Hybrid Data Centre & Cloud solution, resulting in significant cost savings and greater agility.


Client was faced with sizeable hardware refresh costs at two of their main data centres in North America. As part of a data centre portfolio optimisation programme they were considering options to potentially consolidate a portion of their portfolio and right size their environment leveraging the cloud where possible. The client wanted to consider a number of options that would ultimately help them drive innovation and reduce costs simultaneously.


In retaining CST, our client was seeking to: Leverage CST expertise in assessment and transition management, Minimise legacy upgrade cost, Rationalise and optimise mission critical asset utilisation.


CST completed full Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Security audits of both facilities in scope. The output report contained full details of projected hardware refresh cost projections to benchmark vs the clients own projected costs. The second phase of activity involved CST providing several optimisation options and details of the transformation journey required and also a cost and benefit analysis. This encompassed options to leverage Data Centre Colocation providers and Cloud Technology.


Clear understanding of individual facilities capabilities and resiliency issues. Report outlining multiple portfolio optimisation options. Clear optimisation recommendations and supporting business case information. Recommended next steps and actions.

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