Building a Transformational Program for Cloud Readiness

Recognising the need to reduce dependency on fixed data centre facilities and take advantage of scalable Cloud infrastructure. The Client needed a transformational programme to address current issues and construct environments to support long-term growth.


Decades of M&A activity with minimal integration and under-investment in technology refresh had rendered an environment with widely disparate assets which was difficult to scale, costly to maintain and lacking adequate resiliency.

Conditions inhibited business growth and created reputational and financial exposure for the firm.

Lacking the internal resources with sufficient experience and availability to create the transformation strategy, the Client turned to CS Technology.


A global strategy was formulated to transform the firm’s IT footprint and improve alignment of IT services with business needs.

Relevant data and metrics were collected, normalised and analysed to define key issues.

CS Technology’s experience of creating and managing similar large programmes enabled the firm’s stakeholders to rapidly understand key issues, set priorities and have confidence in the final plan. 


At the end of the engagement, a framework for a five-year transformation program was delivered to address current issues and construct an environment primed to support the firm’s long-term growth.

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