Unlock the value of your IT portfolio

What We Do

CS Technology delivers real and measurable results
that matter to our clients and their shareholders

From business and technology strategy development to precision execution of critical transformational initiatives to assuring sustainable operational excellence, CS Technology delivers real and measurable results that matter to our clients and their shareholders. Today, business is not just dependent upon technology; it has become intrinsically intermingled with technology. Technology infrastructure is the critical fiber, fuel, and foundation for the business engine of today and of the future. We are passionate in our beliefs that IT portfolios must be held to the standards of free and efficient markets, and that organizational inefficiency and obsolete processes drastically limit enterprise value contribution in most IT organizations.

We instill in our client IT organizations a new paradigm, Return on Spend™, which unlocks value for our clients, and enables our client technology and business leaders to completely focus on serving strategic business needs. Our mission is to help our clients derive more value, leverage, predictability, and flexibility from their technology infrastructures.

We realize a return on spend by:

Creating Enterprise Value from
IT Portfolios

Our clients face sunk capital, ongoing operation expense, and technology demand that constitutes a balance sheet burden or overhead cost to their organizations. CST works with our clients to create appreciable holdings and subsidies from technology-related expenses, producing true enterprise value and altering the way IT contributes to the greater organization.

Enabling Business Growth

CST works with our clients to help them identify the issues they will face as they scale to grow, to equip them to meet those challenges in the most effective way possible, and to plan and implement flexible, scalable infrastructures to enable and catalyze the business.

Improving Service Levels

Helping our clients to ensure that their IT function is serving and enabling the business in the most efficient way possible, CST helps clients validate the effective alignment of their technology portfolio with the strategic goals of the organization.

Managing Risk

Understanding the true implications of technology decisions is vital to any organization. CST helps our clients to decide what level of risk they should accept, and the appropriate level of resource allocation for each risk issue.

Reducing Costs

Taking cost out of their IT function, without negatively impacting the business is a key challenge for our clients. By challenging legacy conventions, CST delivers innovative solutions that enable our clients to deliver both quick wins, and long term strategic reductions in expenditure.