Unlock the value of your IT portfolio


Our services don’t just get the job done – they achieve a
meaningful impact on the organization

CS Technology provides a comprehensive suite of services related to Technology Infrastructure, Data Centers, Workspaces, and End User Technology. CST applies unparalleled industry knowledge and experience to bridge the gap between the business, technology, real estate, and finance groups; developing and realizing strategies that maximize value from IT spend. Often engaged by C-level executives within IT, Operations, or the Business, our strategic advisory services provide counsel to our clients in developing solutions to complex problems. These solutions deliver a business case, a defensible strategy, and a roadmap and plan for attainment, which typically result in Board, steering committee, or business executive funding and approval.

Unlike many of our competitors, our work does not end with a comprehensive strategy and roadmap. CST seeks to provide “strategy assurance” for our clients, by being actively involved in structuring, leading and executing the complex programs that lead to realization of client strategies and attainment of business goals.

Having executed or implemented the solution, CST provides a suite of operational optimization and Managed Infrastructure Services to further assure long-lasting organizational change, service improvement, and cost benefit. Our Managed Infrastructure Services are customized to our client needs, but typically employ an innovative sourcing model to allow our clients to benefit from transactional market pricing while enjoying improved transparency and service levels.

Our clients engage us anywhere and everywhere along this continuum.

Implicit in all of CST’s solutions are disciplines and expertise in program and project governance, business requirements development, and financial modeling and controls. Over our 20+ year history, through successful delivery of thousands of complex programs, we have developed methodologies and tools to align business stakeholders, provide advanced financial analysis and controls, and drive change within our client organizations.

No matter what the project or mission, CST is results–driven. Our services don’t just get the job done – they achieve a meaningful impact on the organization. It’s What We Do.

CS Technology’s IT and Data Center services span the full lifecycle of strategic planning, implementation and migration, operational optimization, and ongoing managed services. We:

  • Develop IT and data center strategy
  • Architect technology and cloud infrastructures
  • Assess, develop, design, and implement data centers
  • Provide disaster recovery planning
  • Select, coordinate and negotiate carrier and
    connectivity services
  • Migrate applications
  • Establish service management processes, metrics,
    and reporting
  • Perform ongoing data center operational services

CS Technology’s Workspace and End User Technology services range from workforce planning, campus and office occupancy optimization, technology strategy, technology and people migrations, and ongoing managed services. We:

  • Identify strategic geographies and workforce
  • Assess building and technology fit-for-purpose andtelecommunications expenses
  • Evaluate and optimize office occupancy
  • Develop campus and office technology strategy
  • Provide business continuity planning
  • Implement new building technology solutions
  • Select, coordinate and negotiate carrier and
    connectivity services
  • Establish people and technology support models
  • Migrate people and technology
  • Perform ongoing MACD and end user support