Unlock the value of your IT portfolio

Return on Spend™

CS Technology is an innovator of strategies
to create value from the IT portfolio

Status quo in today’s IT economy has the modern-day IT portfolio decision maker mired in TCO focus, limited by the lens of expenditure. Whether it’s a capital expenditure or an operating expenditure, when designing, planning, implementing, or operating your IT infrastructure, everything is an expenditure.

Seeing the IT portfolio only through the lens of expenditure, and not as a return-producing investment, traps shareholder value in the IT portfolio, due to:

  • IT supply chains limited by their own captive market ecosystems
  • Short term transactional optimization at the expense of true shareholder value
  • Preservation of inefficient status quo processes

Today’s modern-day IT portfolio budgets can reach “expenditures” in the billions. Strictly on the basis of capital markets valuations, these billions of dollars “spent” create massive shareholder value – for the organizations to which these dollars are deployed. This is true regardless of whether your IT initiative is a relocation of your business, an expansion, or a net new location or endeavor.

In the Return on Spend™ paradigm, the IT portfolio is a massive investment of the private wealth of the firm and the IT decision maker is the private wealth investor.

Just as a private wealth investor needs a full suite of wealth management portfolio services, today’s IT decision maker needs an approach to IT portfolio management freed of expenditure limitations and focused on true IT wealth creation.

CST serves as the IT Wealth Manager or Banker to the CIO for our client. We employ strategies and methodologies and broker arrangements for our clients that maximize Return on Spend™, help reposition IT, and provide a catalyst for engagement and alignment with the business.

An innovator of strategies to create value from the IT portfolio, this paradigm is implicit in all of our services.